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Saratoga Invitational

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 New/Updated!

Racing season is underway! I'm sorry for being long winded, but I want to make sure everybody is aware of our expectations for the weekend. Please read all of this so you're not caught off guard by anything!

First off, this regatta is historically one of the biggest, if not the biggest, regatta in the world in terms of number of entries. The course will be busy, and the traffic will make it difficult to get to the course. Please give yourself at least an extra 30-45 minutes to get to the course each morning. Eat Breakfast before you leave the house.

Next up, Saratoga has added 2 lanes to the course this year. This makes creating a schedule a nightmare because there isn't a program available to do this so all entries need to be manually entered. What this means for us is that the schedule is approximate at the moment, and we may not have
the final schedule until the day of racing.

If your rower is not racing on Friday or Sunday, they have the day off. There will not be coaches or boats at the boathouse Friday to have practice.

ALL rowers should be at the race course by 7:00 Saturday morning. Coxswains, and bow seats in sculling boats, need to be at the course by 5:45. Since the course has changed a lot, it's really important that coxswains are on time for the coaches and coxswains meeting. Again, give yourself more time than you think you need, there will be a long line for traffic.

Parking is $15 per day at Lee's Park.

All freshmen and varsity rowers are expected to stay at the course all day! Your team will be there to help you out and cheer you on all day, we ask that you return the favor. It will be a long day, but we will feed you. Middle school rowers are allowed to leave when all middle school racing is complete (Which should be around 1:30).

For Sunday racing, rowers will know if they need to be at the course or not. Freshmen and varsity rowers who are racing will need to be at the course at 8:30 Sunday morning, middle school rowers who are racing should arrive at noon.

For the weekend, each rower is expected to know when their race is and when their coach expects them to be at the trailer getting ready. Rowers should plan on being done eating and using the restroom by this point, and should be ready to race. Each rower is also responsible for making sure the rigging is tight for their seat before they leave to race.

What rowers should bring to the course:
Racing uniform. All rowers in each boat need to be wearing their racing uniform when they race.
Water bottle. Rowers will be expected to hydrate well all day, they should bring a refillable water bottle that they can carry around all day to stay hydrated.
Sneakers. Rowers may be required to jog as a warmup before heading onto the water. Running in sandals, boots or flats is not acceptable.
Clothing. Just a quick reminder that rowing is a water sport. If you end up wet, you need dry clothes to change into.

Right now looks like a high of around 60 all weekend. This means that at 6 or 7am when you arrive at the course it will likely be much cooler than 60, and when you leave the course after 7pm Saturday it will again be much cooler than 60. Please bring warm clothes that can you can peel off throughout the day as it warms up. There is also a chance of rain, so please be prepared. Rain boots are good, as it gets quite muddy up there.

Last on the agenda is attitude!
Winning is fun, but good sportsmanship is a requirement for all Shen rowers. Please come to the course ready to help your teammates and show respect for your competitors.

If you have any additional questions, please either ask your coach, or e-mail me at DrewKroft@shencrew.com

Please find additional information on the Saratoga website: http://www.saratogarowing.com/saratoga-invitational/

Map to get to the course is also located on the Saratoga website: http://www.saratogarowing.com/map-of-sra-facilities/

Posted by: Drew Kroft

Practice Friday, April 25th

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 New/Updated!

There will be no practice on Friday, April 25th for rowers that are not racing. Many of our coaches will be at the race course on Friday, along with all of our boats.

Here is the list of rowers that need to be at the race course on Friday, along with arrival times. We will contact the school to let them know who needs to leave early.

Robert Baily - 1:00
Chandler Moore - 1:00
Katie Nelson - 1:00
Michaela Strangia - 1:00
Danielle Carney - 2:00
Ashley Seifert - 2:00
Ryan Sherry - 2:00
Ethan Schoen - 2:00
Kelli Castaldo - 4:30
Erin Conner - 4:30

Posted by: Drew Kroft

Remind 101

Monday, April 21, 2014 New/Updated!

Updated to include masters.

We are going to start using a new system to get messages out to parents and athletes. It is a one-way messaging system for crew to send out notifications. This will allow anyone signed up (from as many devices and addresses as they like) to receive text messages, and takes about 30 seconds to subscribe to receive the messages. We will use these messages to send out announcements, practice cancellations and reminders. It is free to use, and if you wish to unsubscribe you simply text "stop" to the number.

To sign up for these text reminders simply text the code for the group you wish to join to (518) 633-1673 and that's it. You may join as many groups as you want, and leave any groups in the future.

Group codes:
Varsity Boys: @shencrewvb
Varsity Girls: @shencrewvg
Freshmen Boys: @shencrewfb
Freshmen Girls: @shencrewfg
Mod Boys: @shencrewmb
Mod Girls: @shencrewmg
Masters : @shenmaster

To leave a group after joining text "unsubscribe @groupCode" to (518) 633-1673, or text "stop" to unsubscribe from all classes.

Posted by: Drew Kroft

Raffle results

Friday, April 18, 2014

I am happy to announce the raffle winners.
1st place is Matthew Lennon - $500 Cash
2nd place is Michael Moore – XBOX 360 w/Kinect & Game; RIG Headset
3rd place is Bob Rowney – Plantronics BackBeat earbuds, $50 ITunes card

Congratulations to the winners.

Posted by: John Nelson

Unisuits and Warm Ups

Friday, April 18, 2014

If you ordered a unisuit or warmup this spring, they will be delivered to the boathouse on Monday, April 21st. After Monday, you will need to make arrangements with Louise to pick up from her home. Custom jackets will be in later this month.

Contact clothing@shencrew.com if you have questions.

Posted by: Ellen Sherry

Annual Flower and Veggie Sale

Friday, April 11, 2014

R & K Nursery is again fulfilling our flower and veggie orders. Please turn your orders in by April 23rd. The instructions are under our fundraising tab. If you have ordered in the past, and have not been approached by a rower, please send an email to row@shencrew.com

Posted by: Ellen Sherry

Emma Willard Regatta

Monday, April 7, 2014


Emma Willard has cancelled the regatta and will not reschedule.

Posted by: Ellen Sherry

2014 Scholarship for Senior Athlete

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) is announcing the beginning of its new scholarship fund for scholastic athletes. Two $3,000 scholarships will be given out this year. One to a female scholastic rower, and one to a male scholastic rower in their senior years of high school.

The application can be found at: SRAA Scholarship Application

Deadline is May 1, 2014

Posted by: Sean O'Brien

Adult Rowing

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Adult Rowing Program will begin the spring season in early April. We are looking for adults over the age of 18. Special rates for Shen Crew Alumnae and multi rower discounts. Click on Registration for Details.

Posted by: Ellen Sherry

Raise Money With GoodSearch

Monday, January 28, 2013

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This is an easy way for you to help Shen Crew by doing the things that you already do, and it is of no cost at all to you! Please help us out and sign up for GoodSearch.

Posted by: Drew Kroft

Use iGive.com for online shopping

Monday, January 28, 2013

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Posted by: Drew Kroft