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Uniforms and Clothing

Val's Sporting Goods Store is Open for Shen Crew Apparel!

Val's Sporting Goods Store will be open 9/1-9/11. To order, go to the Val's Sporting Goods website and click the link for Shen crew.  The modified tee shirt is sold through Val's as well as the varsity dri fit shirt.  To see some of the products available, click here.

To order from Val's, please click here.

If you have any questions please email Kelly Mariano at kellymariano@yahoo.com.

Team Apparel - What do I need?

Varsity and Freshman should have the varsity dri fit t-shirt and black warm up pants.   Rowers wear these at Regattas and to the Shen Pep Rally during Spirit Week.  Modifieds should have the modified race t-shirt.



Regatta Clothing Information

For regattas, athletes are asked to wear a Shen Green shirt or jacket with black shorts or pants while at the regatta. For racing, middle school rowers should race in their modified Shen Crew Green tee shirt with black pants or shorts. High school rowers should race in Shen Crew unisuit.
All of this assumes that rowers put warmth and safety above all else. For example, we don't expect our high school rowers to race in a uni when it's 35 degrees and raining. We would like our rowers to represent Shen Crew at all times while at regattas when possible however, we also want our rowers to dress appropriately for the weather.

Practice Clothing Information

For practice, rowers should always bring layers and extra clothing. Rowing is a water sport, which means there is always a chance rowers end up wet before they leave and they should always have extra clothes just in case, especially on colder days! Rowers should also bring sneakers and a water bottle every day. There is always a chance that rowers will run, so sneakers are a must, and water is required if rowers wish to participate in practice. Some other things rowers should consider bringing are:

  • Sunglasses - especially if they are going to be steering a boat!
  • 7/16 wrench - This is helpful on days that rowers will be rigging or de-rigging boats, and helpful for coxswains to have every day.
  • Hat - Hats are helpful, along with sunglasses, on sunny days to keep the sun out of rowers faces.
  • Sunscreen - Being on the water exposes the rowers to a lot of UV light, please bring sunscreen and protect yourselves!
  • Extra socks - We already mentioned extra clothes, but socks will likely get wet during the course of a practice, please bring extras.
  • Compression shorts/pants - Loose shorts and pants get stuck in the seat, rowers can prevent this by wearing compression shorts or pants.

New clothing will be available to order for a limited time at the start of each season.  You'll be notified by email when the stores are open and ready to accept clothing orders.  


We're now doing all clothing orders online.  You may link to the following websites to place your order directly.  Please use this link for the stores- do not go to their website and search for Shen Crew- it will not bring you to the current store.