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Modified Rowing

Cold Weather Attire
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What exactly is the practice/training schedule?

Spring and fall on-the-water practices will take place five days a week after school.  Our bus brings the rowers from the middle school to the boathouse.  Rowers can expect to build core strength on land and work on rowing technique in the water, each practice.  Parents pick up at the boathouse at 6:30 pm. 

Winter practice takes place indoors.  It involves core training and the location will be announced in December.

Summer practice takes place at 9am to 12pm.  Modifieds have a choice of 4 week or 8 week programs.  The four week program can be used throughout the summer.

Any changes in training/practice schedules will be announced.


What, when, and where are regattas?

Regattas are organized boating competitions. Shenendehowa Crew races in local regattas & scrimmages on our own river and at other clubs in the capital district.   The Shen Crew calendar is kept up to date with races and scrimmages.  Scrimmages are generally held during the week during practice time. There are a couple of regattas each season on a Saturday (including Modified Championships) Parents are responsible for providing transportation to regattas that are held on weekends. Regatta schedules are available at www.regattacentral.com.  Coaches will notify rowers when they need to arrive on the day before the event. Coxswains usually need to arrive early for a meeting (6am), which typically is held the morning of the regatta. When the team travels for a Saturday regatta, Friday practices are mandatory for ALL rowers. The rowers will need to derig the boats and load them onto the trailer.

Can my child leave the regatta as soon as his/her race is over?

No. After their races, rowers are responsible for getting their boats back to the trailer and de-rigging them.  The coach will excuse the rowers when they have completed packing up.  In general, rowers should check in with their coach and/or coxswain before leaving the regatta site.  The modified uniform consists of a Shen Crew T-shirt and black compression shorts.

Is it ok to miss a couple of practices a week due to other commitments?

Yes. At the modified level it is okay to miss practice because of music lessons, etc.  The coach should be notified if your rower is going to be out a specific day each week.  As your rower moves up in the program, it becomes less acceptable to miss practice.  Teammates count on one another to practice their line ups for the upcoming regattas.

How much do I need to volunteer?

Shen Crew is totally dependent on parent volunteers.  We ask each member to volunteer for one general duty during the season.  In addition, each family must volunteer to work at the bottle drive.  If you are unable to perform these tasks, we have a buyout option available.


How much fundraising do I need to do?

We ask each member to participate in the bottle drive each season, and participate in one fundraiser.  We offer a buyout for each if you do not have the time or desire to fundraise.  Please contact volunteer@shencrew.com with questions.


Do you practice when the weather is poor?

The answer is yes!  Our rowers grow to love rain, wind, and snow.  They will face all types of weather and need to prepare with layered clothing.  Land training is held when the water conditions are unsuitable.  Coaches make the decision each day if the conditions are good.  In general, lightening, wind, and debris in the river prevent us from having water practice.  In April, we have to wait for the ice to melt before the docks are installed.  




Are the boats heavy?

Yes, especially for middle school students who are new to the sport.  It is amazing how quickly your child will build muscle.  Moving the boats from land to shore requires teamwork and concentration.  It is important that parents do not interrupt during this process.  It is all part of the learning experience.